Turbine Oils

Mobil Jet Oil 254
Mobil Jet Oil 254 is a third-generation, extra high performance, synthetic aircraft-type gas turbine lubricant engineered to meet the performance requirements for gas turbine engines used in commercial and military aircraft. This product is formulated from a specially prepared, hindered-ester base stock and fortified with a unique chemical additive package. The result is a product having superior thermal and oxidation stability that resists deterioration and deposit formation while maintaining the physical characteristics required by builder and military specifications. The physical prope... ..
Mobil Jet Oil II
Mobil Jet Oil II is a high performance aircraft-type gas turbine lubricant formulated with a combination of a highly stable synthetic base fluid and a unique chemical additive package. The combination provides outstanding thermal and oxidative stability to resist deterioration and deposit formation in both the liquid and vapour phases, as well as excellent resistance to foaming. The effective operating range of Mobil Jet Oil II is between -40ºC (-40 ºF) and 204ºC (400ºF). ..
Introducing Mobil Jet Oil 387!
The Next Generation Advanced Gas Turbine Lubricant from ExxonMobil!. ..

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