Mobilgrease 33
Mobilgrease 33 is a high-performance lithium-complex grease designed for general-purpose aircraft use. Its consistency is between the NLGI grades 1 and 2. Mobilgrease 33 utilizes a 100% polyalphaolefin base oil and premium additives which ensure outstanding lubrication performance over a wide temperature range and operating conditions. ..
Mobil Grease SHC 100
Supreme performance synthetic grease which combines the unique features of a polyalphaolefin synthetic base fluid with those of a high quality lithium complex soap thickener. It is recommended for aviation applications, which need a lubricant that can perform normal functions. ..
Mobilgrease 28
Mobilgrease 28 is a supreme performance, wide-temperature, antiwear grease designed to combine the unique features of a polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluid with an organo-clay (non-soap) thickener. Its consistency is between an NLGI No. 1 and No. 2 grease. It offers outstanding performance over a wide temperature range. The wax-free nature of the synthetic base fluid, together with its high viscosity index compared to mineral oils, provide excellent low temperature pumpability, very low starting and running torque, and can help reduce operating temperatures in the load zone of rollin... ..
ROYCO 11MS is a smooth, gray-black colored grease which utilizes an inorganic gel thickener for high temperature operation. ..
AeroShell Grease 33
AeroShell Grease 33 is effective on virtually all airframe components. Of 359 grease application points on a Boeing 737- AeroShell Grease 33 lubricates all but 9 of them. ..

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