Specialty Products

ROYCO 950 is a specialized fractionation of a Stoddard solvent with stabilizing additives to prevent the formation of gums and peroxides Features and Benefits ROYCO 950 meets all requirements of MIL-SPEC: MIL-PRF-7024E Type 2. ..
B & B Tritech 3100
Cleaning your turbine engine can be tricky. When environmental restrictions are a concern, using B&B Tritech 3100 Cleaning Compound Compressor Wash is the perfect solution. B&B 3100 is ideal for cleaning any size turbine engine and is frequently used in military applications, including aircraft, marine engines and other industrial turbine engines. Features and Benefits To keep things running smoothly, this item should generally be applied every four weeks. And with its mix ratio of one part solution per four parts water, this cleaner is economical. ..
Coolanol 25R
Silicate Ester Dielectric Heat Transfer Fluid Features and Benefits COOLANOL CHEMICAL STRUCTURE COOLANOL fluids are made up of silicate ester basestocks plus proprietary additives. Generically, silicate esters may be depicted as shown below. In this structure, a silicon atom is surrounded by four oxygen atoms. A hydrocarbon group, R, is attached to each oxygen atom. The R-O-Si combination is known as a silicate ester bond. It is the great flexibility of this bond that imparts superior low temperature viscosity characteristics to COOLANOL. Additionally, because the silicate ester molecule is relatively large and heavy, COOLANOL fluids have relatively low vapor pressures, which is another desirable characteristic of heat transfer liquids. ..
Biocidal Display Screen Cleaner
It is designed to clean the touch screen and the SDU housing (with or without Clearcoat) of in-flight entertainment screens. Features and Benefits Labratory tested using non-specific enviornment organisms for five minutes contact time, the determined kill rate achieved by ALG/ RCBA surface cleanser and sanitizer exceeded 99.9%. ..
VISIAL Antistatic Wipes
These Wet/Dry Wipes are firmly established as a best-seller throughout the aviation industry. It is a major benefit to the cleaning of all military integrated or stand-alone instrumentation and is acceptable for useon magnesium-fluoride coated anti-reflective instrument displays. Features and Benefits Its application ensures a smear-free finish on a wide range of glass, acrylic and polycarbonate materials. ALGLAS Visial is cost-effective, safe to use and has a minimum shelf life of two years. ..

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