Specialty Products

AGC Aircraft Class Cleaner
This versatile and highly effective product will remove all marks and stains from both cockpit windscreen and passenger cabin windows. These marks include jet efflux as encountered when flying into busy airports. Fly, bug and moth debris also smear the screen on airport approach and departure. Water repellent stains mar the clarity of the cockpit and cabin screen.  AGC has become a welcome and essential addition to the cleaning regime of many airlines, because it is powerful, effective, non-hazardous and easily transportable. Features and Benefits AGC is simple for maintenance crews to use and eliminates debris on windscreens and windows. ..
VISIAL Mist Spray
ALGLAS Visial visual display unit cleaner was initially developed to clean the high technology transparencies of civil and military aircraft. Visial may be used effectively on either glass, toughened glass, acrylic or polycarbonate, as well as computer terminal cases. "We are pleased ton inform you that ALGLAS Visial cleaners have been tested for use as anti-static cleaners for Visual Display Units in the cockpits of our airplanes" - Airbus Industrie Features and Benefits Visial mist spray is biodegradable and enivornmentally friendly as well as cost effective. ..
LPS 3 is a premier rust inhibitor. It forms a transparent, soft, waxy film for protection and lubrication. Features and Benefits LPS 3 inhibits rust and corrosion whilst inhibiting exfoliation and filiform corrosion of aluminum. ..
LPS 2 is a heavy-duty lubricant thats non-drying and oily film allows for long lasting lubrication. Features and Benefits LPS 2 is an excellent protection for hand and machine tools as it is non-conductive and displaces moisture. LPS 2 loosens rusted anf frozen parts whilst protecting against corrosion on steel parts indoors for up to one year. ..
LPS 1 is a greaseless lubricant which allows for a dry, thin, and greaseless lubricating film when applied. It has fast acting penetration and is able to displace moisture on electrical components. Features and Benefits LPS 1 is ideals for delicate mechanisms and worldwide aviation as it provides a short term, light corrosion resisitant barrier. ..

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